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Roll characters have been added to the list of eminent people Google has honored by adding their illustrations to Doodle. It is now a common sight for regular Google users to see different doodles with different stories. On Tuesday, October 27, 23, people all across the world celebrated the 118th birthday of Mexican American broadcaster Raoul A. Cortez.

To honor him Google has created a doodle for the famous broadcaster and shown the world how much impact this activist has had on Spanish-language media in the United States.

In this article, we will see why Google honored him and what his contributions were over 100 years ago that made him immortal for people today!

Raoul A Cortez Biography

Raoul A. Cortez was born in Mexico in 1905, and his friend’s family migrated to the USA in the state of Texas. After completing his formal education and receiving basic experience in media, he entered the media industry in San Antonio as a reporter for “La Prensa,” a San Antonio-based Spanish-language daily newspaper. 

Raoul A Cortez Biography
Raoul A Cortez Biography

Later, he loved his new job, so he began spending time on KMAC radio, producing Spanish songs, sketches, and comedy acts. He was so fascinated by his work that he thought to establish his own radio station, and finally, in 1946, he started his first Spanish-language radio station in America with the slogan “La Voz Mexican.”.

Field Data
Name Raoul A. Cortez
Nationality Mexican American
Race Mexican
Language Multilingual
Born October 17, 1905
Jalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Died December 17, 1971 (aged 66)
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Occupation(s) Spanish-language radio and television station owner and developer
Known for Founding KCOR AM and KCOR-TV stations, Latino rights activism

Raoul A Cortez Career

Raoul A. Cortez was an American broadcaster and activist who founded the first full-time Spanish-language radio and television stations in America. He was the pioneer of Spanish-language media in the United States, which is why his work is still very popular across the United States of America, and it was the reason why Google honored him for his love for the Spanish language and its popularity among the masses.

Raoul A Cortez Career
Raoul A Cortez Career

Raoul A Cortez Awards

He received numerous awards, and people honored him for his achievements related to Hispanic broadcasting and Latino rights in the USA. The people of San Antonio named the branch library after his name, just to remember his name for his recognition and accomplishments.

Awards and Honors Details
Raoul A. Cortez Branch Library The city of San Antonio was named in recognition (1981.
NAB “Spirit of Broadcasting” Award Jointly honored with Nicolas by NAB (2006)
Medallas de Cortez Radio Ink was created to recognize excellence (2007)
Smithsonian Exhibit Featured in American Enterprise exhibit (2015)
Google Doodle (118th Birthday) Honored on his 118th birthday (October 17, 2023)

Raoul A Cortez, Illustration Artist

His illustration was created by famous Mexican American artist Raphael Lopez, which depicts the various roles that the cult has played in his life. He was also highlighted for his Latino culture and his speech on civil rights in the USA through his media channels. 

Is Raoul A. Cortez still alive?

No, he was born in 1905, more than a decade ago, and he is no longer with us. He died in 1971 in his beloved hometown, San Antonio. 

How did Raoul A. Cortez die?

There have been a lot of speculations that he didn’t die naturally; in fact, some people even claim that he committed suicide. He has even a Wikipedia page where his biography is explained at length, but still, we haven’t found any cause of death. For now, it is difficult to state the actual reason for his death. 

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Some interesting facts about Raoul A. Cortez:

  • He was not born in America
  • He used to sell eggs on the streets of Mexico before migrating to America.
  • He was born a decade ago but is still remembered as the pioneer of the Spanish media industry in the USA.
  • Google even honored him on October 17, 2023, by creating his Doodle
  • There is a library in his hometown, Sand, and Tonio in his name.
Raoul A Cortez Facts
Raoul A Cortez Facts


How old was Raoul Cortez when he died?

He was 66 years old when he died of natural causes.

Who is Raul Cortez?

He is the pioneer of the Spanish-language media channels and of his radio station. He was a Mexican-American broadcaster who earned a lot of fame for his contributions to different societies.

What is Raoul A. Cortez known for?

He is known for founding the first full-time Spanish-language radio station in the contiguous United States. It was launched in 1946 and became a vital platform for news, music, and cultural expression for the Hispanic community, paving the way for future generations of Latino media.

Does the Raoul A. Cortez library exist?

Yes, the people of San Antonio named the branch library after Raoul’s name just to remember his name for his recognition and accomplishments.

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