5 Reasons to Travel More Often in Romania


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Romania, known for its stunning landscapes, is a tourist destination that offers impressive diversity. From the snow-capped peaks of the Carpathian Mountains to the tranquil beaches of the Black Sea, the country is a true natural paradise. This diversity allows travelers to experience a variety of activities based on their preferences, whether they are passionate about hiking, relaxing on the beach, or exploring authentic rural areas

Besides its landscapes, Romania preserves a rich history and a fascinating culture. Well-preserved medieval fortresses, such as Deva or Rasnov, provide a glimpse into the past, while historical cities like Sibiu or Brasov transport you to the captivating atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Authentic traditions and local festivals add a colorful and genuine touch to your travel experience. Exploring the delicious Romanian cuisine, rich in traditional dishes, is a true feast for gastronomy lovers. 

Thus, adding Romania to your travel list ensures a comprehensive and unforgettable tourist experience. Thus, adding Romania to your travel list, coupled with convenient car rental Bucharest services, ensures a comprehensive and unforgettable tourist experience.

The Importance of Choosing a Trustworthy Car Rental Service

  • Reliable Vehicles: Renting from a reputable source ensures that you receive well-maintained and reliable vehicles, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns or unexpected issues during your rental period.
  • Transparent Policies: Trustworthy car rental companies have clear and transparent policies regarding fees, insurance, and terms of service. This transparency helps you avoid hidden costs and understand your obligations as a renter.
  • Customer Support: Thrusted rental services prioritize customer satisfaction and offer reliable customer support. In case of emergencies, having a responsive support system can make the rental experience smoother and more secure.
  • Clean and Well-Maintained Cars: Trustworthy rental agencies prioritize cleanliness and maintenance, providing you with a clean and well-serviced vehicle. This not only enhances your driving experience but also ensures safety on the road.
  • Fair Pricing: Car rental companies typically offer fair and competitive pricing. Avoiding dubious sources helps you secure a rental without the risk of unexpected charges or price gouging.

Choosing a trustworthy car rental service is crucial for a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience, providing peace of mind and reliability throughout your journey.

Renting a car in Romania can be a convenient and efficient way to explore the beauty of this Eastern European country. Whether you’re planning to tour historic sites, experience the vibrant culture, or simply enjoy the picturesque landscapes, having a rental car gives you the freedom to travel at your own pace. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential reasons to travel to  Romania.

Gorgeous mountain landscapes

For nature and adventure enthusiasts, Romania is a treasure trove of spectacular mountain landscapes. The Carpathian Mountains, which traverse the country from north to south, offer an astonishing variety of hiking trails, ranging from easy paths to more challenging routes suitable for exploration enthusiasts. During the summer, these trails reveal delightful views with dense forests, green meadows, and picturesque waterfalls. A highlight of mountain adventure in Romania is the Transfagarasan, known as one of the most beautiful mountain roads in the world. Stretching over 90 kilometers, Transfagarasan crosses the Fagaras Mountains and provides spectacular panoramas. The winding curves of the road offer drivers and passengers a breathtaking journey through alpine landscapes, featuring glacial lakes and snow-capped peaks.

For those eager to test their skills in mountain sports such as mountaineering or skiing, Romanian mountain resorts like Poiana Brasov or Sinaia offer excellent opportunities. Regardless of the level of experience, the natural beauty of the Carpathian Mountains provides a perfect setting for a diverse range of outdoor activities. Thus, adventurers will find Romania a favorable territory for exploring and experiencing nature in all its splendor.

Medieval fortresses

The medieval fortresses in Romania, such as those in Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Brasov, are true historical gems that transport you to a long-gone era. Each of these cities preserves the authentic charm of the Middle Ages through cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and an atmosphere steeped in history. Sighisoara, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula, is a well-preserved jewel of medieval architecture. The Sighisoara Citadel, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list, entices you with defense towers, narrow streets, and houses with colorful facades.

Sibiu, also known as the “City with Eyes,” is renowned for its Baroque architecture and the Large Square, dominated by the Council Tower. Exploring the old town reveals facets of the city’s rich past, with colorful houses and imposing churches. Venturing through these medieval fortresses is not just a journey into the past but also an immersion into the culture and traditions that have shaped Romania over the centuries. Every stone holds the story of a distant time, waiting to be discovered and admired by visitors. To make your journey even more memorable and comfortable, you can opt for car rental Romania. This flexible mode of exploration gives you the freedom to visit these historical gems at your own pace, without relying on public transport schedules or other means of transportation. Renting a car provides you with the opportunity to discover the beauty of medieval fortresses and other tourist attractions in a convenient and personalized manner, making your journey through Romania even more fulfilling.

Authentic traditions and festivals

Experience the authenticity of Romanian traditions by participating in local festivals. The “Calusari Festival,” held in various regions of the country, showcases the unique dances and customs of the “calusari,” providing a captivating glimpse into authentic Romanian spirituality. Attendees of this event have the opportunity to witness traditional dance and music performances, taste local dishes, and interact with local communities.

The Cotnari Wine Festival offers an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Romania’s wine industry. Cotnari, a region renowned for its quality wines, hosts this annual festival. Visitors have the chance to taste local wines, take vineyard tours, and understand the wine production process. With a rented car, you can explore the wine region and other nearby attractions during your journey through Romania. 

Fairytale castles

In addition to the renowned Bran Castle, Romania hides numerous other architectural gems that seem to be lifted straight from fairy tale pages. One such example is Peles Castle, located in the heart of the Carpathians, in Sinaia. This Neo-Renaissance castle impresses with its refined architecture and exceptional details. With rent a car Romania, you can freely explore the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and visit this castle surrounded by spectacular mountain landscapes.

Equally remarkable is the Huniade Castle in Timisoara, an architectural gem built in the Neo-Gothic style. Located on the banks of the Mures River, this castle impresses with its beautiful gardens and noble atmosphere. With car rental services, you’ll have the flexibility to deeply explore the Banat region and add enchanting experiences to your journey through Romania. Opting for a rented car will allow you to more easily discover other fascinating and lesser-known castles, which will open the door to the rich history and culture of the country.

Friendly and welcoming people

When exploring Romania, you will discover that one of its most treasured assets is its hospitable and friendly people. Each region of Romania has its own traditions and customs, and locals are always eager to share glimpses of their authentic culture. In traditional villages, you’ll feel like time stands still, and small communities will welcome you with open arms. Proudly preserving their traditions, residents will joyfully showcase local crafts, traditional cuisine, and folk dances. In rural areas, renting a car provides you with the opportunity to explore authentic villages, where you’ll have the chance to interact with locals and experience daily life in Romania.

With a rich history and astonishing cultural diversity, Romania presents itself to travelers as a destination full of surprises and adventures. From spectacular mountain landscapes to traditional villages and medieval cities steeped in history, Romania is truly a captivating and enchanting country. While exploring this destination, renting a car becomes an essential companion to discover all of Romania’s hidden treasures in comfort and freedom. From journeys through authentic rural regions, where you can interact with local communities, to exploring vibrant cities where you can feel the urban heartbeat of both the past and present, a rented car offers you the flexibility to shape your own adventure in Romania. Through car rental services, you can reach lesser-known places and discover the authenticity and beauty of this fascinating country in a personalized and captivating manner.

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