Shillong Teer Lottery Game, Common Number, Result List.


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Shillong Teer is a well-known lottery game in India. It is associated with the archery sport. It is located in the state of India, Meghalaya only. It is also referred to as Sit Khnam and thoh Tim. Shillong teer result list today is already declared. Shillong Teer morning  result of the first round was at 3:40 pm.

And shillong teer result second round results were announced at 4:40 pm. Its result is announced in 2 digit numbers. In this article you will learn about Shillong Teer hit number , common numbers, previous results, and many more. Shillong teer previous result are also available.

shillong teer
shillong teer

What is Shiillong Teer :

It is a famous Indian lottery game mostly played in the state of Meghalaya, India. The winners of this lottery game are found out by several arrows shot. The winners are determined by estimating the correct number of arrows that are shot by players in a day. It is based on two rounds.

The tickets for the first round are played between 10 am and 3:30 pm. Also, the tickets for the second round are the same as the first round. It is easily operated by the users and allows users to connect with various online platforms. The result of the second round on 13th Feb is 82.

Shillong Teer Result list :

According to this game result, Shillong hit number of 13 February are already declared at 3:45 and 4:45 pm. Its participants can easily play this game for the entire week except Sunday. The Shilloong Teer game is based on those conditions that make this game acceptable for the people.

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How People Can Play Shilloong Teer Game :

It started at 3:30 pm and archers started gathering on the archery ground. For the participation in Shillong game, participants pay 300 rupees per day. In this game, 50 archers are allowed. These 50 archers shoot 30 arrows at the target 50 m away. After the counting of arrows, the team declares the result of the day. Also, the results are always announced in two-digit numbers. 

shillong teer target
shillong teer target

To participate in Shilloong teer , participants can easily buy tickets. The ticket was worth only 300 rupees, and the one who won this game was awarded 8000 rupees. But it may have a disadvantage also, it may become an addiction for its many members and participants. There are many pages and groups for the guidance of people in a lottery game and also tell them about the result. Shillong teer target result facebook page has almost 88 thousand followers.

Way to Choose a number in the Shillonng Teer game for participation:

If anyone wants to participate in this game, we are here to guide them. Its participants either randomly choose a number or also select their dream number to make a bet. Following are the several points that help you to choose lottery numbers.

You should choose lottery number 6 when you see men or boys in your dream.You should select lottery number 5 when you see women or girls in your dream.If you see both women and men and they are quarreling in your dream then you choose lottery number 13.If your dream is erotic then definitely select lottery number 17.

Most people can take a dream and play this game. But you ensure that it is all based on luck, so choose the number that you want to choose. Shilloong teer night number of 13th February is 33 at 11:10 pm and 88 at 12:10 pm.

Way to Play Shiillong Teer Lottery game:

If you think about playing this game, then we will guide you on how you play this game. The lottery ticket for this game is between Rs 1 and Rupees 100. To play this, firstly people buy the ticket. You can easily buy tickets at 10 am.When you play this game, in the first and 2nd rounds you should guess the arrow shot by 50 archers at a lottery playground in just 2 minutes. 

The Indian state where this game is played, Meghalaya, has almost 5 thousand tickets and counters distributed to 11 districts. In this participants or players guess the last 2 digits and hit the target. The person who predicts the correct number is the winner of this game. Every day almost 50 archers shot 30 arrows in the first round and in the 2nd round the remaining 20 arrows were shot. 

Shillong ter common number on 13th February 2024 are 84, 16,59, and 41. Shillong ter previous result list is also available on many websites. 


this is an online lottery game that is only played in Meghalaya. A large number of people actively participate in this game every day. The results are also announced on an everyday basis. It provides an opportunity for people to engage easily with this lottery game. But it also has some disadvantages. It is also an addiction for its participants. 

FAQs :

What is Shillong Teer ?

this is a well-known lottery game in India. It is associated with the archery sport.

What are the shillong teer night number results?

Shilloong teer night number of 13th February is 33 at 11:10 pm and 88 at 12:10 pm.

What are shillong teer common number ?

Shilloong teer common number on 13th February 2024 are 84, 16,59, and 41.

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