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On Christmas Eve, a boy named Ryan Waller was happily living with his partner, lover, and soulmate. Unfortunately, in his residence, a robbery took place, which resulted in gruesome aftermaths. 

In our article, you will learn more about the story of Ryan Waller. 

The story of Ryan Waller:

His full name is Ryan T. Waller. He became a media personality after the robbery incident in his residence in 2006. Ryan Waller was a good-looking man. He was living in Arizona with his beloved girlfriend. They have ambitions for their future but good fortune is not theirs.

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Ryan Waller story
Ryan Waller story

In December 2006, Ryan and his girlfriend were peacefully sitting in their home when a tragedy hit them and shattered their future dreams. A robber knocks on their door at night. They thought about who would come at this late hour, but they still went to open the door for the sudden guest. They didn’t expect that, after opening the door, they would have to pay the price.

Two thieves were outside their apartment and the couple was unaware of the critical scenario. When the boy opened the door, he came face-to-face with the cold-hearted intruders. They put the gun on Ryan’s head and tried to scare him. He tried to close the main door but failed miserably.

The invader shoots Ryan straight in the back end of the head, and after shooting him, they think that he is dead. They went straight for his partner, Heather Quan, and killed her on the spot. She was his life, his soul, and everything. 

After some days, there was a Christmas party held in Ryan’s parent’s house, and Ryan and his girlfriend were also invited there. When the duo didn’t arrive at the event, his parents started to get worried about their son and his girlfriend. When they did not hear anything from Ryan or Heather, his father called the police station for help. He tells them about the whole situation and how worried they are for their son and his partner and he tells them to search for their son.

Ryan Waller
Ryan Waller

Almost immediately, the police took action and went straight to his apartment. What they found in the apartment was heartbreaking. They found the lifeless body of Ryan’s beautiful girlfriend. After the gunshot, Ryan was still wandering in his apartment, which was a shocking thing for the police. They say that he didn’t even call anyone for help. 

They took him to the police station because he was reluctant to go to the hospital and he says that he doesn’t remember anything. His face was badly injured but his actions say otherwise.

The police started to investigate Ryan without paying any attention to his bad condition. They investigated him for almost 6 hours.

Full name Ryan Waller
Gender  Male
Ethnicity White 
Nationality American

What did the police find during his investigation?

After taking him to the police station, they inspect him to find out the truth. The police found nothing against Ryan Waller. After a painful six hours of inspection, they released him from the hell-hole police station. He was innocent from the start. They were sure that Ryan was the killer but couldn’t find anything.

They ignored the fact that Ryan needed immediate medical attention, even though Ryan’s facial wound was in front of them. Ryan Waller’s health started to crumble.

What happened to the young boy’s face after the robbery?

Ryan Waller’s face was wounded after the robbery. The senior clinician said that, due to a lack of medical assistance, they had to extract his left eye and a certain area of his brain as well.

After losing his eye and a part of his brain, Ryan becomes partially blind and the loss also affects his other important natural personal capabilities as well. 

He was a simple man who wanted to live a normal, healthy life but due to the incident, he lost his ability to live a normal life.

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Ryan Waller and Heather Quan’s Living Relationship:

Ryan Walker and Heather Quan were girlfriends and boyfriends and were living a peaceful life together. But in December 2006, they were attacked in their home. Heather died on the spot but Ryan lived for some more years.

Girlfriend  Heather Quan
Famous For He was accused of killing his girlfriend with a gunshot wound

The Real Face of Ryan’s Former Roommate: 

Richie Lee Carver was the former roommate of Ryan Waller. In December 2006, Larry Llyod Carver and his son, who was the former roommate of Richie Lee Carver, attacked Ryan Waller and his girlfriend, Heather Quan. They killed Heather on the spot and injured Ryan Waller.

Later, they were put behind bars for their heinous crime. 


Ryan Waller obituary
Ryan Waller obituary

Ryan Waller Obituary:

After the incident, Ryan remained in the hospital for 35 days. He started to have seizures and it started to worsen his overall health. 

In January 2016, he died because of various health complications.

Legacy and Networth:

Because he was not a public figure, his net worth is still unknown.


Ryan Waller Net worth
Ryan Waller Net worth


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